Zurich Teams up with Klook to Transform Airport Delays into Comfortable Waits

Zurich Insurance has collaborated with Klook, a prominent travel and leisure e-commerce player, to launch a new service known as FlyEasy.

The primary goal of this venture is to mitigate the inconvenience caused by extended flight delays for travelers. FlyEasy provides complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide when flights are delayed for over two hours. This innovative solution bypasses the need for conventional claim submissions or application procedures, offering seamless assistance to affected passengers.

Zurich Teams up with Klook to Transform Airport Delays into Comfortable Waits

What is FlyEasy?

Leveraging the Zurich Edge technology, FlyEasy has been meticulously crafted to prioritize customer satisfaction, presenting an added value proposition during travel disruptions.

Singapore residents can avail themselves of FlyEasy's benefits by being covered by an eligible Klook Protect policy and registering their flight details on Zurich's FlyEasy platform at least one day before their scheduled departure. Should a delay meet the specified criteria, customers receive notification via email and SMS, along with a code for lounge access. If an airport lounge is unavailable, the code remains valid for use at any other lounge within six months.

Roopa Malhotra, Zurich's APAC head of customer and digital, emphasized the company's commitment to exceeding customer expectations through FlyEasy. "FlyEasy underscores our dedication to delivering innovative and personalized solutions that address evolving customer needs in real time. Our seamless, technology-driven approach offers unparalleled convenience to customers, enabling them to embark on their travels with peace of mind. By transforming inconvenient disruptions into more pleasant experiences and eliminating complex claims processes, we strive to enhance customer satisfaction," she remarked.

C.S. Soong, Klook's Vice President of Corporate Development, echoed this sentiment: "At Klook, prioritizing customer-centricity has always been paramount. Our collaboration with Zurich marks a significant advancement in our mission to streamline the travel experience for our customers. By seamlessly integrating FlyEasy into our platform, we aim to provide travelers with a smoother journey and peace of mind while maintaining our commitment to quality at every touchpoint."

Enhancing Traveler Comfort

In an era where time is of the essence, Zurich Airport and Klook join forces to prioritize traveler comfort. This partnership aims to offer passengers a seamless and enjoyable journey from touchdown to takeoff by identifying the pain points associated with airport delays.

Seamless Collaboration between Zurich Airport and Klook

Zurich Airport's collaboration with Klook signifies a harmonious synergy between two industry leaders committed to enhancing traveler experiences. Leveraging Klook's expertise in travel solutions and Zurich Airport's world-class facilities, this partnership promises unparalleled convenience and efficiency for passengers.

Innovative Solutions for Airport Delays

Gone are the days of aimless wandering and restless waiting. Through cutting-edge technology and innovative services, Zurich Airport and Klook are introducing novel solutions to minimize the inconvenience of airport delays. From curated experiences to exclusive amenities, travelers can now make the most of their time at Zurich Airport.

Transforming Wait Times into Productive Moments

With Zurich Airport and Klook's transformative approach, airport delays are no longer synonymous with boredom and frustration. Whether indulging in gourmet dining options, exploring immersive cultural experiences, or catching up on work in designated co-working spaces, passengers can turn idle wait times into productive and enriching moments.

Future Prospects and Benefits for Travelers

As Zurich Airport and Klook continue to innovate and expand their offerings, the future holds promising prospects for travelers. From personalized recommendations based on traveler preferences to seamless integration of digital solutions, this partnership is poised to redefine the airport experience, ensuring every journey is memorable and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the partnership between Zurich Airport and Klook all about?

The partnership between Zurich Airport and Klook aims to revolutionize the airport experience by transforming mundane delays into comfortable and enjoyable waits. By leveraging technology and hospitality, this collaboration seeks to enhance traveler satisfaction at the airport.

How will this partnership benefit travelers?

Travelers can expect a range of benefits from this partnership, including access to exclusive amenities, curated experiences, and innovative solutions designed to minimize the inconvenience of airport delays. From relaxation zones to productivity hubs, Zurich Airport and Klook are committed to ensuring that every moment spent at the airport is comfortable and productive.

What specific services or amenities will passengers have due to this partnership?

Passengers can expect a variety of services and amenities to enhance their comfort and convenience. These may include access to premium lounges, priority boarding, exclusive discounts on dining and shopping, and digital solutions for seamless navigation and entertainment during wait times.

How will Zurich Airport and Klook work together to transform airport delays?

Zurich Airport and Klook will collaborate closely to identify and address the pain points associated with airport delays. Through innovative technology and personalized services, they aim to provide passengers with various options to make their wait times more comfortable and enjoyable. This may involve introducing new facilities, partnerships with local businesses, and integrating digital solutions to streamline the passenger experience.

Are there any additional benefits or rewards for frequent travelers or members of loyalty programs?

Yes, frequent travelers and members of loyalty programs may receive additional benefits and rewards as part of this partnership. These could include priority access to amenities, special discounts, and personalized recommendations tailored to their travel preferences. Zurich Airport and Klook are committed to rewarding their most loyal customers and enhancing their overall airport experience.

How will passengers be informed about the services and amenities available through this partnership?

Passengers will be informed about the services and amenities available through this partnership through various channels, including the Zurich Airport website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and in-terminal signage. Additionally, Klook may provide information through its mobile app and website, ensuring that passengers are well-informed and can take advantage of the available offerings.


Zurich Airport's collaboration with Klook marks a significant milestone in the evolution of travel hospitality. By transforming airport delays into opportunities for relaxation, productivity, and discovery, this partnership sets a new standard for excellence in passenger experience. Together, Zurich and Klook invite travelers to embrace the journey, one comfortable wait at a time.

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