Unclean Boxing Methods to Employ in Actual Street Battles

Unclean boxing methods to employ in actual street battles

Whether a battle is taking place in the ring or on the streets, there are dirty fighting methods that might help one prevail. The fundamental characteristic of street fighting is that it's typically unpredictable and that the fighters don't back down until they achieve their goals. This is typically on top of something trivial and involves quite powerful weapons. If you find yourself in this kind of scenario, your only thought process might be to struggle for safety and take any necessary action to survive.

Now, there are certain strategies that the boxer should remember if the situation permits additional time for thought, etc. These indicators are also functional within the boxing ring, as was previously explained. The thumbs to biceps method would be the first technique. This is what you do when you sense that an opponent is attempting to hit you; it could be challenging to strike them in the face. It is advised to throw a biceps hook with force while pointing the thumb; this will essentially give them a Charlie horse and make this arm useless. The first dirty trick is this one.

The hip binding technique is another excellent one. During a fight, it's almost self-explanatory to hook your opponent in the hip; this is not a forbidden punch. They will become momentarily immobile as a result, giving you time to get ready for a stronger blow. An elusive elbow will deal the next blow. Make a large leap, but try to strike your opponent's chest with your elbow. This could injure him and even take the wind out of him, but it might even brush his chin, giving you the opportunity to strike again.

The palm hook punch is the final method, and it also seems contradictory. Since boxing gloves lack palm cushioning, you should use your palm to land a hook punch that goes for the opponent's head or temple, all the way up to their ear.

There are hints of certain nasty boxing techniques being utilized in the ring; naturally, any boxer on the receiving end would suffer greater agony and harm if these techniques were used outside of the ring sans gloves. Although they are sure to work, it is not advised to utilize them frequently in competitive encounters. Although skilled boxers shouldn't have needed to use these tactics, that doesn't imply other competitors won't. Either way, be ready!

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