Unclean Boxing Methods to Employ in Actual Street Battles

Whether a battle is in the ring or on the streets, dirty fighting methods might help one prevail. The fundamental characteristic of street fighting is that it's typically unpredictable and that the fighters only back down once they achieve their goals. This is generally on top of something trivial and involves quite powerful weapons. If you find yourself in this scenario, your only thought process might be to struggle for safety and take any necessary action to survive.

Now, there are specific strategies that the boxer should remember if the situation permits additional time for thought, etc. As previously explained, these indicators are also functional within the boxing ring. The thumbs to biceps method would be the first technique. You do this when you sense that an opponent is attempting to hit you; it could be challenging to strike them in the face. It is advised to throw a biceps hook with force while pointing the thumb; this will essentially give them a Charlie horse and make this arm useless. The first dirty trick is this one.

Dirty Boxing in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is renowned for its stringent regulations governing the sport. Yet, within this regulated framework, a subset of fighters seeks to gain an edge through unconventional means. While precise guidelines delineate permissible actions exist, specific competitors have devised strategies to exploit loopholes or bend the rules to their advantage. Here, we examine several unorthodox boxing combinations commonly employed by MMA fighters in the heat of battle.

The hip binding technique is another excellent one. It's almost self-explanatory during a fight to hook your opponent in the hip; this is not a forbidden punch. They will become momentarily immobile, giving you time to prepare for a more decisive blow. An elusive elbow will deal the next blow. Make a giant leap, but try to strike your opponent's chest with your elbow. This could injure and even take the wind out of him, but it might even brush his chin, allowing you to strike again.

The palm hook punch is the final method and seems contradictory. Since boxing gloves lack palm cushioning, you should use your palm to land a hook punch for the opponent's head or temple, all the way up to their ear.

The Mystery of 52 Blocks

One of the most renowned regional styles within Jailhouse Rock is the 52 Hand Blocks style, distinguished by its repertoire of 52 blocking techniques. These techniques range from traditional Western boxing blocks to intricate elbow strikes and other martial arts maneuvers. Fusing these diverse techniques facilitates fluid and efficient movements, which is characteristic of the style's effectiveness in combat scenarios.

However, due to the clandestine nature of Jailhouse Rock, sourcing reliable documentation on its various regional styles proves challenging. Much of the knowledge about these styles has been transmitted orally among practitioners rather than being formally documented or recorded. Furthermore, disagreements among practitioners frequently arise concerning the correct execution of specific techniques, as well as the historical origins and evolution of the 

There are hints of specific nasty boxing techniques being utilized in the ring; naturally, any boxer on the receiving end would suffer greater agony and harm if these techniques were used outside of the ring sans gloves. Although they are sure to work, utilizing them sparingly in competitive encounters is not advised. Although skilled boxers shouldn't have needed to use these tactics, that doesn't imply other competitors won't. Either way, be ready!

Why Do Your Gloves Stink?

Boxing gloves often develop a persistent odor due to the accumulation of sweat generated during intense training sessions or matches. However, it's not solely the sweat that contributes to this unpleasant smell and potential embarrassment. Instead, the moisture from sweat creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to thrive, leading to foul odors within the gloves.

Leather Gloves

When caring for leather gloves prized possessions in their own right, special attention is warranted. Start by removing any excess moisture using a clean, dry cloth. Then, prepare a solution of mild soap and water and dip a soft cloth into it. Proceed to gently clean the gloves, paying particular attention to areas prone to high levels of sweat accumulation. It's essential to recognize the thumb, as it can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are unclean boxing methods?

Unclean boxing methods refer to unconventional, often frowned-upon techniques employed in combat situations, particularly in street battles where rules and regulations are nonexistent. These methods prioritize survival and gaining an advantage over opponents by any means necessary.

Are unclean boxing methods effective in street fights?

Yes, unclean boxing methods can be highly effective in street fights. These techniques are designed to inflict maximum damage quickly, often exploiting vulnerabilities or weak points in an opponent's defense. However, their effectiveness also depends on factors such as timing, accuracy, and surprise.

Are unclean boxing methods legal?

While unclean boxing methods may not be illegal in street fights, they often violate the rules and regulations of sanctioned boxing matches. These techniques usually involve striking areas considered off-limits in traditional boxing, such as the groin, eyes, or throat.

Can unclean boxing methods cause serious injury?

Yes, unclean boxing methods have the potential to cause severe injury or even death, mainly when used with excessive force or on vulnerable areas of the body. It is essential to exercise caution and restraint when employing these techniques, as they can harm both the attacker and the victim long-term.

Should I use unclean boxing methods in self-defense situations?

The decision to use unclean boxing methods in self-defense depends on the severity of the threat and the level of danger you face. While these techniques can help you defend yourself effectively, they should be used as a last resort and only when necessary to ensure your safety.

How can I learn unclean boxing methods?

Learning unclean boxing methods requires practical training, self-defense classes, and an understanding of the principles behind these techniques. It is essential to seek guidance from experienced instructors who can teach you how to execute these methods safely and responsibly. However, always remember that violence should be avoided whenever possible, and self-defense should only be used as a last resort.


Where survival often outweighs adherence to rules, unclean boxing methods emerge as powerful tools for self-defense and gaining an advantage over adversaries. Throughout this exploration, we've delved into various techniques—from the thumbs-to-biceps maneuver to the palm hook punch—that can be employed effectively in the chaos of street combat.

However, it's crucial to recognize the gravity of resorting to such tactics. While unclean boxing methods can provide a means of protection in dire situations, they also carry inherent risks of causing severe injury or escalating violence. Therefore, their application should be tempered with caution, restraint, and a clear understanding of the potential consequences.

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