The top Five Bouts in Boxing in 2024

From the grand stages of iconic arenas to the intimate settings of local gyms, these bouts unfolded amidst a backdrop of anticipation, excitement, and raw emotion. They were battles of wills, clashes of styles, and tests of character, each leaving an indelible mark on those who bore witness to their drama.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the heart-pounding action, exhilarating triumphs, and heart-wrenching defeats that defined the top five bouts of 2024. From the thunderous roar of the crowd to the relentless rhythm of punches exchanged, these matchups encapsulate the essence of boxing—a sport where courage knows no bounds and champions are forged in the crucible of competition.

Abner Mary's vs. Leo Santa Cruz - August 29:

This boxing match between Abner Maris and Leo Santa Cruz might occur. They are both highly skilled and well-liked by many Mexicans. This event met many boxing fans' hopes. Both fighters had wounds over their eyes and engaged in vicious combat. After the about, Santa Cruz was pronounced the victor. Although Santa's supporters have been critical of him recently, the fight on August 29 went well for him.

Kevin Mitchell vs. Jorge Linares on May 30:

Kevin Mitchell's third try to win a world title in boxing was when he faced Jorge Linares on May 30. He came out swinging and appeared to be the winner of the fight. However, his opponent gave him a rough time, leaving him with terrible cuts and an enlarging eye. The battle between the two fighters went quite well, but unfortunately for Kevin Mitchell, Jorge Linares emerged victorious.

Artur Beterbiev vs. Dmitry Bivol

Unified titleholder Artur Beterbiev is slated to clash with WBA champion Dmitry Bivol on June 1 in Saudi Arabia. This highly anticipated showdown will determine the undisputed light heavyweight champion, with both fighters vying to solidify their supremacy in the division.

September 12, Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido:

Professional boxers Orlando Salido and Roman Martinez developed a rivalry with one another well before their September 12 about. Roman Martínez Salido unseated the super featherweight belt in a remarkable about between these two boxers in April. Throughout the fight, the man delivered powerful blows and punches. But this was also unlucky for him, as Roman Martinez prevailed once more.

Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Lucas Matisse - April 18:

Though many boxing fans thought it was not very interesting, the April 18 boxing match between Lucas Mattis and Ruslan Provodnikov is considered one of the best. One of the best five fights of 2015 is this one. Every round, both opponents performed admirably and put in reasonable effort. The fight in the about was back-and-forth. Provodnikov gave it his all to win the battle, but Matthysse was unfazed and unleashed strong blows to his opponent's body to take the victory.

Terence Crawford vs. Anybody 

Crawford faces a plethora of enticing options for his next move. He could opt for a high-profile showdown against a formidable opponent like Keith Thurman, seek to thwart the rapid ascent of rising star Jaron Ennis, vie for titles in a fourth weight division by settling his differences with Jermell Charlo, or even embark on the ambitious journey of moving up three weight classes to challenge undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

As a 36-year-old veteran of the sport, Crawford is poised for big-time fights. After enduring years of frustration securing compelling matchups, he now finds himself in a commanding position, able to select from an array of potential opponents.

Nathan Cleverly vs. Andrzej Fonfara on October 16:

One of the most fascinating tales in boxing history is the fight between Andre and Nathan Cleverly, slated to occur on October 16. Fans of boxers found the event to be quite exciting. Former WBO champion Nathan Cleverly got a strong start and led the first few rounds, but things weren't going well for him in the middle. Fonfara attacked Cleverly, striking his ear and nose with powerful punches. Cleverly fought on despite taking a lot of hits, but Andrei ultimately prevailed.

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While several boxing matches were the most remarkable and fascinating fights, not all boxing fans have the same favorite celebrities, however, the top five boxing fights of 2015 included some matches that made the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the top five boxing bouts in 2024?

The top five boxing bouts in 2024 featured a mix of thrilling matchups and intense rivalries. These included [List the top five bouts], each showcasing the fighters' skill, tenacity, and heart.

Who were the fighters involved in these bouts?

The fighters in the top five bouts in 2024 varied, ranging from seasoned champions to rising stars. Some notable names included [List the fighters and their respective matchups].

Where did these bouts take place?

These bouts occurred in various locations worldwide, including iconic venues such as [List notable venues]. From Las Vegas to Madison Square Garden, boxing fans witnessed the action unfold in some of the sport's most hallowed arenas.

Were there any significant upsets in these bouts?

Yes, several of the top five bouts in 2024 featured significant upsets that stunned fans. Whether an underdog overcame the odds or a reigning champion was dethroned, these matchups provided no shortage of surprises and drama.

How can I watch highlights or replays of these bouts?

Highlights and replays of these bouts may be available through various platforms, including sports networks, streaming services, and official boxing websites. Additionally, fans can often find highlights on social media platforms and YouTube channels dedicated to boxing content.

Did any of these bouts result in controversial decisions?

While boxing is no stranger to controversial decisions, the top five bouts in 2024 were essentially free from significant controversies. However, like any competitive sport, there may have been instances where fans and pundits disagreed with judges' decisions.

Are there any upcoming rematches or potential future matchups between the fighters involved?

Boxing fans always speculate and anticipate rematches and potential future matchups between the fighters involved in the top five bouts of 2024. For updates on upcoming fights, keep an eye on announcements from promoters and governing bodies.

How do these bouts compare to previous years' top fights?

The top five bouts in 2024 built upon the rich history of boxing, delivering memorable moments that will be remembered for years. While comparisons to previous years' top fights are subjective, these matchups undoubtedly added to the sport's legacy of excitement and excellence.

Where can I find more information about the fighters and their careers?

Fans can find more information about the fighters and their careers through various sources, including official boxing websites, sports news outlets, and biographical articles. Additionally, following fighters on social media platforms provides insight into their training, personal lives, and upcoming bouts.

Will there be a list of honorable mentions for bouts that narrowly missed the top five?

Yes, alongside the top five bouts of 2024, there may be a list of honorable mentions for bouts that narrowly missed the cut. These matchups still showcased exceptional skill and competitiveness and are worthy of recognition by boxing enthusiasts.


The year 2024 brought forth a series of unforgettable matchups that enthralled audiences and left an indelible mark on the sport's history. From fierce title bouts to thrilling rivalries, the top five bouts of 2024 showcased the talent, grit, and determination of the fighters who stepped into the ring.

As fans reflect on these memorable showdowns, they are reminded of the sheer excitement and unpredictability that make boxing one of the most captivating sports in the world. Whether witnessing an underdog rise to glory or a champion defending their title against formidable challengers, each provided moments of drama, intensity, and sheer brilliance

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