The top Five Bouts in Boxing in 2015

The top five bouts in boxing in 2015

We'll give you our list of the top five boxing matches of 2015 in this article.

Abner Mary's vs. Leo Santa Cruz - August 29:

It appeared as though this boxing match between Abner Maris and Leo Santa Cruz might occur. They are both highly skilled and well-liked by many Mexicans. Many boxing fans' hopes were met by this event. Both fighters had wounds over their eyes and engaged in vicious combat. After the bout, Santa Cruz was pronounced the victor. Although Santa's supporters have been critical of him in recent years, the fight on August 29 went really well for him.

Kevin Mitchell vs. Jorge Linares on May 30:

It was Kevin Mitchell's third try to win a world title in boxing when he faced Jorge Linares on May 30. He came out swinging and appeared to be the winner of the fight. However, his opponent gave him a rough time, leaving him with terrible cuts and an enlarging eye. The bout between the two fighters went quite well, but unfortunately for Kevin Mitchell, Jorge Linares emerged victorious.

September 12th, Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido:

Professional boxers Orlando Salido and Roman Martinez developed a rivalry with one another well before their September 12th bout. Roman Martínez Salido unseated the super featherweight belt in a remarkable bout between these two boxers in April. Throughout the fight, the man delivered powerful blows and punches. But this bout was also unlucky for him, as Roman Martinez prevailed once more.

Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Lucas Matisse - April 18:

Though many boxing fans thought it was a dull bout, the April 18 boxing match between Lucas Mattis and Ruslan Provodnikov is regarded as one of the best ever. One of the best five fights of 2015 is this one. Every round, both opponents performed admirably and put in good effort. The fight in the bout was back-and-forth. Provodnikov gave it his all to win the fight, but Matthysse was unfazed and unleashed strong blows to his opponent's body to take the victory.

Nathan Cleverly vs. Andrzej Fonfara on October 16:

One of the most fascinating tales in boxing history is the fight between Andre and Nathan Cleverly, which was slated to take place on October 16. Fans of boxers found the event to be quite exciting. Former WBO champion Nathan Cleverly got out to a strong start and led the first few rounds, but things weren't going well for him in the middle. Fonfara attacked Cleverly, striking his ear and nose with powerful punches. Cleverly fought on despite taking a lot of hits, but Andrei ultimately prevailed.

At Least

While several boxing matches made the list of the most remarkable and fascinating fights, not all boxing fans have the same favorite celebrities. However, the top five boxing fights of 2015 include some of the matches that made the list.

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